Friday, January 9, 2009


I am a triple threat! I have a multiple part surgery scheduled for next Wednesday. First, I am having my left testicle removed to be tested. Then I have a hernia being repaired in that same spot! Huzzah! Finally, I am having a port installed on my chest so they can administer chemotherapy easily. It's like the heart plug on Dune. I am so excited to have Baron Harkonnen pull my plug out and watch as I slowly die!

Anyway! Fun!


  1. I always knew you were a a triple threat at LEAST! I think you should go for a glass eye and a tattoo while you are at it! Just trying to keep life interesting because I know you certainly HAVEN'T had enough excitement in your life lately;)

  2. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster. I think you should have them install one of those Tony Stark chest batteries in there while they're at it too. Bad. Ass.

    Hmm, they're gonna TEST your testicle? On what? What kind of questions could it possibly have the wherewithal to answer. If that thing DOES start talkin', I'm outta there...

  3. Matt,

    Sounds like things are really cranking along now. Glad to hear it. You know we think about you daily and am so glad that you have started the blog so Mom won't have to make so many phone calls. Thanks for all the laughs. Some things never change!! Love you so much, Auntie Vicki

  4. We are pulling for you in a very prayerful way. We are Family and that is how it is done. We love you

  5. Jake had the same things done except the hernia part! The port in the chest wasn't all that bad. You might not be able to go swimming for a while - maybe it is different for adults. So Wednesday is the big day? We are thinking of you.
    love ya

  6. Matt,

    Wow! What a website name! Keep on fighting and I will buy you an amazing, technicolor dreamcoat. We are praying and fasting for you. I understand what you are going through...and being spectacular (testacular) about it is the faith, power, deliverance approach. (1 Ne. 1:20)

    You and I will reminisce over these events in our lives over a wonderful In-N-Out burger (animal style). Love you, Rich

  7. All I can think when I read this is:
    "We can rebuild him, we can make stronger..."

    ...but seriousely if you go the glass eye/tattoo rout: I've books on pirates I can help you find an awesome tat!