Thursday, January 8, 2009

Inaugural Post of MSTCB

So I am quickly coming to the realization that corresponding personally with everyone will slowly drive me insane. I will endeavor to communicate the large scale announcements here on this blog.

With that in mind, today's announcement hopefully clarifies what type of cancer I have. You might have noticed the clue in my pithy title. It seems that cancer has attacked my left testicle with great alacrity. I will be having surgery most likely next Wednesday, due to the complexities of acquiring a general surgeon to fix a nearby hernia at the same time.

I will also be meeting with my oncologist tomorrow. Hopefully he will be able to quickly prescribe a course of treatment and I can start fighting this thing.

We were kind of hoping for testicular cancer diagnosis because of its relative ease to treat. Most sites give some pretty high numbers for successful remission.

Anyway, this will be the first of many. Enjoy!



  1. Love the title! You are such a crack up!

  2. uummmmm...I guess that rules out "spots on the neck" cancer???

  3. Matt you and your wife will be in our prayers. the testicular diagnosis is a good one if you had to pick. I know you can beat it.

  4. Thanks for keeping us posted Matt. Any restrictions in your diet? Cause I am thinking that you may need some of Tylers amazing chocolate chip oatmeal cookies sometime soon. And the title of your blog is priceless. Love ya!
    Ty and Linz Max.

  5. Is this where I say get well soon?
    Um...Oh Hi,
    Get well soon!!!!
    Glad to hear we don't have to lock you up in a nut house. Thanks for the blog, it's nice to have the updates.
    Much love.

  6. Matt darlin',

    It's so hard to be home. I loved being with you so long and having the chance to serve you and Lizard. I have you in my thoughts constantly. I love you so much my brother!

  7. For those of you who are keeping tabs on the website, Matt hasn't kept current the last few days because he has been in Chemo at least 10 hours a day for the last 5 days and has become very very weak. I am sure we will be hearing from him soon. He is in the midst of friends and family who are all working literally around the clock to ensure that he is cared for. Keep him and his caregivers in your prayers!